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Crabby Rabbit Productions, LLC is an American film production company based in Atlanta, GA led by Taz Lake. The company produces promising shorts and features based on screenplay competition success.

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In Progress Works

The Best You Got

Before starting their lives on earth, customers must get their plans approved by an unusual banker and his two assistants.

Finalist at HollyShorts (an Academy Qualifying festival), DC Shorts, Georgia Shorts and Austin Micro Shorts. This is currently in pre-production for filming and release in 2020.

Hidden Demon

To salvage their careers, two disgraced agents accept a covert presidential mission to protect a top-level candidate from a mythical creature known as “The Demon”.

An official selection at Finish Line, this feature spec will be converted to a novel for release in 2021.

Safe Spot

A former combat fighter pilot with PTSD meets with her therapist to discuss her time as a POW, but the session derails violently as her true heritage and plans are revealed.

A finalist at Richmond International, Georgia Shorts, and Austin Micro Shorts.

The Last Minder

A senile WW2 hero with latent powers must beat his damaged mind when a rogue alien scout forces him into a final mission on a future earth.

We are currently converting this feature spec to a novel for release in 2020.

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